Renewable Energy

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Solar Geysers


100L Low Pressure R3700.00

100L Low Pressure Fully Installed R6500.00


200L Low Pressure R6800.00

200L Low Pressure Fully Installed R9600.00


300L Low Pressure R8500.00

300L Low Pressure Fully Installed R12500.00


Add Electric Backup for R1200.00


Add Pressure Pump for R2500.00


(All Prices include Vat)

Solar Systems


3 Kva Solar Systems R28000.00 (Includes 2*300W Solar Panels,2*200Ah Batteries and 3 Kva Inverter


5 Kva Solar Systems R53000.00 (Includes 4*300W Solar Panels,4*200Ah Batteries and 5 kva inverter)


We also do 3 phase Solar Power.

Water Saving Systems


We offer greywater systems from R8500.00 upwards 


Rainwater systems for R5000.00 upwards


Borehole water systems from R12000.00 upwards